Multi-Customer Bank Front-End Trade Finance System

  • Increase business throughput via extensive STP features
  • Expand customer activity with enhanced corporate image
  • Capture customer business flows by delivering comprehensive online service
  • Improve competitive edge by providing value-added services
  • Retain customers and meet competitive pressures by providing e-trade services
  • Improve bottom line by expanding business without increasing overhead
  • Provide all front-end, branch and middle-office requirements in a unified system
  • Deliver ROI competitive with any comparable IT project


allNETT® is a state-of-the-art Web-based trade finance front-end system. Designed for use by the bank's corporate customers and branch offices, allNETT provides complete trade cycle support. The bank's customers can initiate the full range of trade finance transactions including letters of credit (L/Cs), standby L/Cs, guarantees, collections, remittances and stand-alone finance. allNETTalso enables a wide range of online inquiries and reports. Upon release of any deal at the bank's back office, all relevant correspondence, scanned documents and transaction history are immediately transferred to allNETT, enabling customer access to real-time information.

Complying with the latest industry standards and trends such as service-oriented architecture (SOA), user-friendly allNETT requires no software installation at the bank's customer. With just a browser and Internet connection, the end-to-end Java system can be used from any location. allNETT can be integrated with any Surecomp or third-party back-office trade finance system, or deployed as a stand-alone solution. With 24/7 accessibility, central application maintenance and rapid implementation, the field-proven allNETT system has significantly increased revenues and decreased costs for banks worldwide.


  • Full trade functionality support – supports all relevant back-office trade transactions, new transaction issue requests, amendments and settlement facilities
  • Middle office (TransAP) and pre-guarantee negotiation – includes optional modules providing the bank with an approval, negotiation and communications channel with its customers
  • Transaction notification – notifies customers by email or SMS of allNETT's receipt of new deals, payment/acceptance instructions, and incoming correspondence
  • Imaging and attachments – supports attachment and viewing of files in allNETT, enabling expanded communications with customers, faster document processing, and improved workflow
  • Secure system – runs under a bank's security framework, enabling the implementation of single sign on and digital signature, as well as a full audit trail for all system actions
  • User-friendly operation – features multi-language capabilities as well as input efficiency options, including templates, cloning and phrase management
  • Back-office integration – integrates fully with all of Surecomp’s world-leading back-office solutions – IMEX®, allTRA® and DOKA-NG® – or with a bank’s existing back-office trade finance system